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Self-Managing versus Hiring a Property Management Company

Your phone rings at midnight. It’s the tenant from your property. Something is leaking under the kitchen sink. The water is already seeping out of the cabinet onto the hardwood floor.

You call the plumber you usually work with and get a message: “We’re sorry we missed you. We will return your call during normal business hours.”

Now what? You wonder.

This is one of many exact scenarios that a property management company can help you avoid. Read on to learn more about self-managing vs. hiring a property manager.

Reliable and Hassle-Free Maintenance Solutions for Your Property

Just like the above scenario, an unexpected maintenance problem can throw you for a loop. You probably don’t have the expertise to fix every maintenance issue yourself. Even if you do, you may not be close enough geographically to do so!

At Kanga Property Management, we have it covered, so you don’t have to search for a plumber, HVAC servicer, or any other type of contractor, day or night. Instead, we respond to maintenance requests quickly, engaging our network of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to troubleshoot or fix problems. We have already vetted these contractors, so you can be confident they are qualified and trustworthy, saving you the hassle of researching vendors. In addition, because we have already negotiated prices with these professionals, you won’t wonder if you received a fair quote!

Accurate pricing to maximize your profits

One of the biggest pitfalls for inexperienced, or self-managing, rental property owners is incorrect pricing – read: under-pricing the rent.

With extensive knowledge in Palm Beach and Broward County rental markets, the Kanga Property Management team knows how to price your rental properties accurately – and at full value – in order to maximize your profits.

In most cases, our clients find that our ability to accurately establish monthly rental rates more than pays for our services – meaning you come out ahead at the end of the month after choosing Kanga for your management needs.

Maintain a Professional Relationship Between You and Your Tenants

If you manage your own property, you may become too friendly with your tenants. A landlord-tenant relationship should be professional, not personal. If you deal with them directly, you can lose objectivity, becoming too lenient when handling problems such as late rent. Kanga Property Management works with your tenants so you avoid this pitfall.

Streamline Your Landlord Finances with Expert Palm Beach County Property Management

If you’re not a professional accountant or a collections agency, managing the financial aspects of being a landlord can be overwhelming. Also, you probably have a day job, and your free time is for other activities, not micromanaging your property’s cash flow.

At Kanga Property Management, we have systems to collect rent and deposit the proceeds directly into your account twice a month. In addition, we reach out immediately if a tenant is late on rent and even visit your property if necessary.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Costly Legal Pitfalls

Are you an expert on Florida housing regulations and property laws or eviction laws? What about fair housing regulations, like the ADA? There are affordable housing and discrimination screening laws, as well. Some of these laws are exceedingly specific. You could be unable to decipher the legal jargon. When you manage your own property, you risk a misstep that could result in a lawsuit. Even if you prevail, you may lose tens of thousands of dollars from legal fees.

Kanga’s property management experts know the laws backward and forwards. We will ensure you comply with relevant regulations.

Protect Your Property Investment with Reliable Tenant Screening Services

As an investment property owner, do you have the resources to conduct a thorough tenant screening? If you don’t screen your tenants, you could jeopardize your property investment.  One bad tenant could destroy your property, or worse, put your neighbors in danger. At Kanga Property Management, we conduct thorough screenings, including criminal histories and financial checks to find qualified tenants. Our services make you less vulnerable to dangerous activities, nonpayment, or time-consuming eviction proceedings.

Expert Property Management

At Kanga Property Management, we have over 10 years of experience serving Palm Beach and Broward County landlords. Our team of experts handles all your property management needs. We know rental rates and laws, have access to qualified vendors and conduct thorough tenant screenings. Let us know how we can help!